4 Reasons Why Quick Management of burns Saves Lives Plus A Real-life Story.

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The effects of Burns to the body can really be unpleasant, and in a worst case scenario, life-threatening.  Oftentimes, a quick management of burns can go a long way to minimizing the after-effect of burns to the body.

 There have been cases (personally experienced) where delays in quick management of burns led not only to severe damage to the skin, but also claimed precious lives.

In this post, therefore, I will outline some of the reasons why quick management of burns can go a long way to saving lives. But before I delve right into this, I will tell a short and true-life store in order to further buttress on the need for a quick management of burns.

Let’s get right into this.


A Real-life Story Begins Here…

Tony saw thick smoke coming out of his single room rented accommodation (face me I face you) and people trying to put out the fire and rescue his children whom he left behind to buy something in the neighborhood. It was late in the evening, he had lit a candle as there was no power supply, locked the children inside and went out to buy something. His wife was not yet back from work. 

Because the children were underaged, one of them innocently placed  the candle on the mattress which gradually caught fire and because the door was looked , the children could not escape. The intensity of the fire attracted neighbours who came to their rescue. But at the time of rescue, three of the children aged four, three and one had already sustained 68%, 66% and 73% burns respectively. The eldest child, aged five who hid in the fridge also had 53% burn.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital in the neighborhood but was referred to a teaching hospital. Sadly, 3 out the 4 children died within 24 hours due to poor management of the burns.

So, Why Was This Case Fatal?

>  Delay in transferring victims to the appropriate health care facility for immediate medical attention. There is always a golden hour in every emergency. The first 60 minutes after a trauma  is referred to as the Golden Hour.  Intervention done within this time frame will significantly reduce the risk of death or long-term complications.

>  No knowledge of emergency numbers to call. Knowing the right numbers to call during emergency goes a long in saving lives. Lagos Nigeria emergency numbers are 767 & 112.

>  Lack of immediate  care given to the critically injured before gaining access to the hospital. This care is simply given by Lay responders or First Responders before advanced help arrives. First responders  resuscitate, stabilize or employ preventive measures precedent to and during transportation of such patients to health care facilities. Become a first responder today by visiting this site www.hei.org.ng and save a life with your skill.

5 Reasons Why Quick Management of burns Saves Lives.

It prevents Infection

Poor management of burns predisposes the patients to infectious complications such as sepsis and tetanus which oftentimes could lead to death. Indeed burns are one of the most common and devastating forms of trauma if care is not provided timely.

It enhances progressive healing

Initial quick management and treatment of burns aids healing, and improves function. The outlook is good when the burn is treated quickly and properly too.

Applying appropriate on-scene care

Administering the right first aid at the burn scene enhances chances of survival especially in severe burns pending when advanced help arrives. Some of it entails moving the victim away from the source, cooling the burn skin and removing any restrictive clothing around the burn area.

Having First Responders at the scene

The presence of first responders at the emergency scene also increases survival rates. First responders primarily provide first aid which is the immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious injury, with the purpose to prevent death where possible, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. It includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to professional medical help being available, such as performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while waiting for an ambulance, as well as rescue breaths where necessary.

So far, I have tried to give 4 reasons why quick management of burns save lives. Think this article was helpful, leave us a comment in the box below.

If you think there are areas I have omitted or other topics you will like me to write on, you can also leave me a comment below.

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