How to Treat a Hot Water Burn at Home

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One of the most common household injuries is a hot water burn. A hot water burn or scald is an injury  that happens when someone is exposed to excessively hot water or steam usually from activities in the kitchen or shower. Though  preventable, it can happen suddenly especially when one is in a hurry or under pressure.

According to Ameriburn publication on burns, annually in the United States and Canada, over 500,000 people receive medical treatment for burn injuries. However in Nigerian, burns and scalds are the commonest cause of death in children after road traffic accidents. Scald burns are more common in children because in their ignorance they can spill the liquid on themselves  or get splashed without knowing the hot state of the liquid. when you have a hot water burn, it must be treated as quickly as possible to avoid complications.

In this article , I will share some tips on how to treat a hot water burn at home while you wait for further medical attention.


How to treat a hot water burn at home

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Most hot water burns though painful can be treated at home. Follow the steps below after experiencing a hot water burn;

  • To forestall further injury, stop contact with the source of the burn. Remove clothing if there is hot water on clothing.
  • Cool the area for at least 20 minutes by running it under cold water. Do not use iced water. To maintain the right body temperature, keep the person warm during the process,.
  • Keep the affected area free and moisturized with aloe Vera. Allow room for swelling because it may occur. Don’t try to forcefully remove any clothing stuck to the  burn as this could  cause further injury.
  • Don’t open up any blisters to avoid infection.

How to treat a burn on hand from hot pan

This is one of the most common burns that occur in the kitchen while cooking. This type of mild burn typically takes about a week or two to heal completely and it doesn’t usually leave scars. Follow the steps below if you get a burn on the hand from hot pan;

  • First put the affected area under cool running water( not iced water) for at least 20 minutes or apply a cool compress on the burn for few minutes to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Later wash the burn with mild soap and water.
  • You can apply aloe Vera gel taken from the leaf of an aloe Vera plant directly to the burn or soothing lotions that contain aloe vera. Aloe Vera prevents the growth of bacteria and promotes circulation. Cover the burn with a clean cloth or sterile bandage loosely to avoid putting pressure on it.
  • Honey if available  can also be used where aloe Vera is not readily available.
  • Do not expose the affected area to direct sunlight.
  • Do not pop the blisters.
  • Go for a pain reliever.

Hot water burn treatment for baby

A burn from hot liquid or steam is known as scald. Children are at a higher risk of burns and scalds because they are curious and would want to explore their environment. From the moment babies start crawling, they stand the risk of getting scaled because they can move faster than you think and get to hot liquids and foods that you think are outside their reach. A baby’s sensitive skin burns far more easily than adult skin so endeavor to keep hot things out of reach of children. Do the following if your baby gets a scald burn;

  • Ensure you remove the clothing over the scald.
  • Cool the affected area under running water to reduce the depth of the burn. To maintain the right body temperature, keep the baby warm during the process.
  • Apply aloe Vera gel or honey on the burn to prevent infection. Antibiotic ointments and creams can also be used to prevent infection. 
  • Cover the burn with a non-stick bandage or a clean cloth.

Seek further medical attention;

  • If the burn is severe and affected a large area of the body.
  • For burns that affects the face and genitals
  • If the pain increases and  gets worse

  • where there is redness or swelling that gets worse

  • If there is pus coming from the wound

  • If the wound doesn’t seem to be healing

Do not;

  • Use ice on a burn as this may cause further damage to the skin.
  • Use any butter, egg, ointments or other home remedies on the burn. These substances can worsen the burn by trapping the heat in the tissue.
  • Pop any blisters.
  • Waste further time in seeking  medical attention if the burn is larger than the size of the victim’s palm.

Most  minor hot water burns can be treated at home but if the burn is severe do not hesitate to seek medical attention immediately.

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