9 Simple Ways on How to Reduce Heart Disease Naturally

9 Simple Ways on How to Reduce Heart Disease Naturally Image

Heart disease is a major leading cause of death worldwide. Though there are risk factors associated with it, but interestingly, taking some necessary natural steps will better manage it or go a long way in reducing cases of deaths associated with  these heart-related diseases.

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In this article , I will mention 9 simple ways on How to Reduce Heart Disease Naturally.

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9 Simple Ways on How to Reduce Heart Disease Naturally

1. Cut down on processed food

Processed or humanly modified foods contain unhealthy quantities of sugar, preservatives, sodium and some other chemicals. Regular intake of these chemically, refined, packaged foods , which is a far cry from their original state, leads  to very serious health problems like diabetes, Obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. The steps involved in refining these foods eliminate the basic nutrients contained therein, the reason why these foods are further fortified with artificial ingredients.

2. Reduce intake of canned Foods

Though Canned foods may be handy and convenient especially when one is famished or in a hurry, some of the additives like salt , sugar and preservatives used during the canning process can pose serious health risks especially to people with high blood pressure . Too much consumption of preservatives can damage the heart tissues. It can also cause obesity because of fatty acids present in it.

3. Shed Excess Body Fat

Being Obese or overweight  can give rise to serious health conditions and increase your chances of having a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke. With your height and weight, you can  calculate your Body Mass Index(BMI) and know whether you are overweight or not and take the necessary steps to correct it. Maintaining a healthy weight lowers the risk of having high blood pressure.

4. Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly strengthens the heart muscles and causes the blood circulating system to work more efficiently.  It reduces the cholesterol level and maintains the blood pressure at a healthy level. A healthy weight is attained through regular exercises which also reduces the risk of having a heart attack.  You may also click on this link to get more in sight about heart attack and some first aid treatment on our website.

5. Eat Right

Eat a healthy , balanced diet. Foods rich in fibre and low-fat diets are recommended which comprises of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. If possible , go for natural foods only. A healthy diet will lower your risk of having heart disease, prevents you from being overweight, reduces your cholesterol level, maintains your blood pressure at a healthy level and lowers your risk of being diabetic.

6. Stress Management

Coronary heart diseases can be linked to mismanagement of stress. Stress when not managed properly can lead to high blood pressure which increases the risk of having a heart attack. Some habits such as overeating or unhealthy diet, too much consumption of alcohol and smoking which people engage in when faced with stress can pose a risk for heart diseases.

7. Get enough sleep

Adults mostly need 7-9 hours of sleep per day. Good rest helps reduce stress and improve your mood but when you deprive yourself of enough rest, it can give rise to increased heart rate , high blood pressure and increase the risk of heart diseases, and diabetes. some people also have problems falling asleep and this condition /problem  can be linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. Poor sleeping culture can also lead to unnecessary weight gain.

8. Avoid Smoking

The American Heart Association(AHA)  says that on average, smokers die more than 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. Smoking increases a person’s risk for heart diseases and stroke. Chemicals contained in cigarette smoke causes the blood to clot leading to the narrowing of the blood vessels. This obstructs the flow of blood to the heart which gives rise to heart diseases. Smoking also causes instant rise in blood pressure.

9. Stay hydrated

Water is key for vascular health, and  it makes up to 60% of the  body weight as well as 90% of your blood volume. Dehydration affects the heart and the cardiovascular system negatively because it decreases the amount of blood in circulation and causes the heart to beat faster increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. When the human body is hydrated, the heart pumps blood easily and allows oxygen get to the muscles and  every part of the body thereby making the body work efficiently.

So far I have outlined 9 simple ways of reducing heart disease naturally and all of these boils down to the fact that a healthy lifestyle can make a difference. Imbibe a good lifestyle today and watch your heart health improve considerably. Think this article was helpful, leave us a comment below.

If there is anything I omitted or something else you will want me to talk about, also leave a comment for us below.

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