Can I Drink Garri During White Fasting?

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A complete and experience-based article that answers the question, Can I Drink Garri During White Fasting?

White fasting also known as Daniel’s fasting is a kind of fasting that strictly follows Daniel’s diet plan and spiritual experience as recorded in the book of prophet Daniel chapters 1 and 10 where Daniel decided that he will not defile himself with the king’s rich food, but rather opted for vegetables and water.

According to Wikipedia, White fasting is a partial fast in which meat, wine, and other rich foods are given up in favor of vegetables and water for typically ten to twenty-one days in order to develop a more intimate relationship with God. But how do I get the fasting right? What can I eat during white fasting? Can I drink garri during white fasting?

If those are some of the questions hindering you from starting you white fasting, we will provide professional answers to it from careful research.

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So, Can I drink garri during white fasting?

From personal experience and careful research , I can affirm that anyone can drink garri during white fasting as long as you don’t take the garri with diary products, sugar and some other additives as is the tradition in Nigeria. Garri is made from cassava, a plant-based product which makes it white fast-friendly.

In the book of prophet Daniel, we find an exciting biblical prescription that is incredibly relevant in our world today. Daniel was captured and asked to eat the king’s rich food but he pleaded with he king’s attendant to allow him do what has come to be known as the white fasting or Daniel’s fasting today.

In Daniel Chapter 1 vs 12, He said ” Please test your servants for 10 days, let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink.” And he goes on to say ” In those days, I Daniel, was mourning for three full weeks, I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled” Daniel 10:2-3

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When to eat during white fasting

The decision of when to eat during white fasting is entirely yours. It is more of a personal decision than a laid down kind of rule. White fasting is all about desiring a deeper intimacy with God and spiritual growth so its a personal decision whether to eat three times a day, or skip a meal and do 2 times a day. The main focus should be on the spiritual benefits, don’t let the rules overrule the experience. In the scripture, it says that Daniel’s food was vegetables and water, so that is the guidance but when to eat is solely your decision.

Health implication of drinking garri during white fasting

Garri is a popular West African food made from drying and processing of cassava tubers and one of the staple foods in Nigeria. In fact, it constitutes 70% of the diet of middle and low income earners in Nigeria especially when mixed with hot water and taken as ‘eba’ with soup.

It is known as cassava flakes and a lot of people in Nigeria enjoy soaking and drinking garri with milk, sugar, coconut, fried meat, fried fish peanuts, tiger nuts, cashew nuts among others. Though it contains some nutrients and serve as a source of energy because of its high carb content, there are health implications associated with drinking garri on a regular basis during white fasting;

  • Cassava contains hydrocyanic acid and if it is not properly processed, the resulting garri can contain high amount of cyanide which could affect your eye health. However, proper processing should reduce the concentration of the acid to a minimum level.
  • Regular intake of garri during white fasting can lead to weight gain because it is high in carbohydrates and if not managed properly can lead to obesity. So it is not something you should consume often if you are looking to lose weight.
  • Drinking garri during white fasting can lead to stomach problems. Large amount of cyanide in the garri that is not properly processed can give rise to intestinal issues like constipation. If you must drink garri, do it in moderation.

What quantity of garri can I drink during white fasting?

From personal research, I will recommend that you consume small quantities occasionally. It should not feature at all in your diet plan during white fasting, but if you must drink garri to satisfy your cravings, moderation is key. Take small quantity and make sure you consume it with coconut, groundnut, tiger nuts or any other nut that is white fast-friendly.

Does garri affect the eyes?

Severe eye defects in those that consume garri may be traced to long exposure to uncertain quantities of cyanide in garri that was consumed over a long period of time. The risk may be reduced if taken as eba but when you drink it the Nigerian way, the consumer is at the mercy of the quality of the processing method.

Prayer for white fasting

White fasting otherwise known as Daniel’s fast originated from the book of prophet Daniel chapters 1 and 10. Daniel was captured and taken to Babylon, even in a strange land, he sought the Lord’s spiritual and physical healing through prayer and fasting by purposing in his heart that he will not defile himself with the king’s food, rather he requested to be given vegetables and fruits.

Since white fasting centers on Daniel’s experience as recorded in the scripture, I will suggest that your prayer also should be in line with that of Daniel in Daniel chapter 9. However, I have summarized the prayer for white fasting in these 4 letter words, ACTS based on personal experience. ACTS stands for;

  • Adoration
  • Contrition
  • Thanksgiving
  • Supplication

White fasting is typically following the Daniel’s fasting in the Bible which is basically a plant-based diet fast. One good thing about white fasting is that you are physically detoxing while spiritually recharging. Like Daniel, millions of people around the world can attest to the life changing experience that plant-based food have had on their body and the spiritual alignment that comes through devotion and prayer.

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