15 Pre-Stroke Symptoms in Males Exposed

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Pre-Stroke symptoms in males are those warning signs that men experience before it eventually occurs. Getting to know the pre-stroke symptoms can help get a lifesaving medical attention on time.  Stroke occurs when there is reduced flow of blood to the brain, thus hindering brain cells from getting enough nutrient.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) , stroke is the 2nd leading cause of death responsible for approximately 11% of total deaths. 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke annually. Out of this number, 5 million die and another 5 million are maimed placing a burden on family and community.

In this article, I will be discussing 15  pre-stroke symptoms in males and actions to help someone  who may have had a stroke.


15- Pre-stroke symptoms in males exposed

There are two major groups of pre-stroke warning features in males. The first group is called Transient Ischemic Attack otherwise known as mild temporary stroke. and that includes the following signs;

  • Numbness or tingling, one sided problem right side or left.
  • Facial droop
  • Difficulty in speaking and understanding other people 
  • Blurriness in one eye or double vision.
  • Dizziness or decreased coordination like something is suddenly not working.
  • Sudden Severe headache especially if you’re not one that normally gets one.
  • Unawareness or unresponsiveness to people, objects and other stimuli
  • Decline in sensory or vibratory  sensation
  • Initial lack of muscle tone/movement
  • An alteration in taste, smell or hearing
  • Problems with reflexes
  • Loss of balance and uncontrolled movement of the eyes
  • Inability to think straight, confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting

Anyone who has just had any of the warning features listed above has just had a mild temporary stroke. When any of these or some of these features occur temporarily, last for few minutes/hours and disappear and the person gets better, the manifestation is called mild temporary stroke. These are major warning signs because within one or two years, the person is likely to have a high risk of developing a major stroke after that mild temporarily stroke episode.

Pre-stroke symptoms in males can also be recognized and remembered with the F.A.S.T. method. FAST stands for;

Face. Watch to see if the face is drooping by asking the person to smile.

Arm. Ask the person to raise both arms. Try to identify a weak or sagging arm.

Speech. Tell the person to make a simple sentence. Is his speech coherent?

Time. call your local emergency number if you notice any of these signs because every minute counts.. 

Risk Factors in Males

The second major group of pre-stroke warning features are some of these predisposing features listed below and can further be subdivided into two;

1.  Risk factors associated with Lifestyle

  • Overweight or obese: Studies have shown that a higher body mass index (BMI) increases the risk of stroke at any age though it occurs more in people that are 65 years  and above. Excess weight stresses the heart and affects blood flow.
  • Lack of physical activity: Lack of physical activity can lead to the build up of fatty materials in the arteries. If the arteries that carry blood to the brain get blocked, it can lead to stroke.
  • High consumption of alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol can trigger an irregular heart beat, a condition known as atrial fibrillation which increases the risk of stroke by five times because it can cause blood clots to form in the heart. stroke can occur if these clot move up to the brain.
  • Illegal use of drugs: Illegal use of  stimulant drugs like cocaine and amphetamines can lead to stroke.
  • Cigarette smoking: Smoking decreases the volume of oxygen in your blood, your heart beats faster and raises your blood pressure due to the presence of nicotine in cigarette. This increases your chances of having a stroke.

2.  Risk factors associated with medicals

These underlying health conditions can trigger a stroke episode.

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Family history of stroke

First Aid for Someone You Think is Having a Stroke

A stroke may result in unconsciousness or loss of balance  which may lead to a fall. Follow the steps below to help: 

  • Make sure the scene is safe and comfortable and make the person lie on one side with the head raised and supported.
  • Call your local emergency numbers for help.
  • Do not allow the person to sleep.
  • Do not give any medication, food or drink.
  • Check for breathing, if the person is not breathing perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) until advanced help arrives. You can read more on “What is CPR in First Aid” article on my site.

So far, I have provided some important information in this write up on pre-stroke symptoms in males. These are some of the signs to look out for to help manage oneself to avoid stroke.  My recommendation for those with the pre-disposing features is for them to visit their health care professionals  for counselling to avoid exposure to a major stroke.

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